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Any and all restyles, remodels and custom work must be scheduled with our furrier Mr. George
Here are our list of services:

  • Cold Storage (April - Dec)
  • Fur Cleaning & Glazing
  • Leather - Suede Cleaning
  • Fur Repairs
  • Leather Repairs
  • Relining (fur or leather)
  • Restyles, Remodel, Customizing
  • Monogramming
Every coat and customer are different... Allow our furrier to custom remodel the perfect coat for you...


1.   Always hang your fur garment on a broad shouldered hanger and make it a point to give it plenty of 
     room in the closet, so the fur is not crushed.

2.   NEVER, store a fur in a plastic bag.

3.   NEVER, leave a fur near heat.

4.   If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it up in a room to dry out (away from heat) in a place where       air can circulate.

5.   NEVER, comb or brush your fur.

6.   NEVER, mothproof your fur.

7.   Store your fur during the warm season. Modern storage vaults are temperature and humidity  
     controlled to protect your fur.

8.   Have your fur cleaned regularly by an experienced furrier.

9.   Have any small rips or tears repaired immediately.

10. Try not to wear heavy jewelry where it will rub againist the fur and cause rips or tears.

11. Do not pin jewelry or flowers on your fur.

12. NEVER, put perfume or cologne directly on fur. 
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