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Brown Cross Mink Jacket
Reversible - (1)Brown Shearling jacket with Sable Collar  (2) Mahogany Mink
Mahogany Mink Sectional Jacket with Two-Tone Fox Collar
Whiskey Mink Sectional Jacket
Full Length Whiskey Mink Coat
Full Length Lynx Coat
Pearl Mink with  Sheared Beaver and Lynx Tuxedo
Sheared Ranch Mink Jacket
Ranch Mink Sectional Jacket with Indigo Fox Collar
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Kastoria Furs
Black Swakara  Jacket with Persian Lamb Collar, Cuff and Trim
Rust Shearling Jacket with Fox Trim
Sheared Ranch Mink Jacket
Below are just a portion of our Coats and Jackets... Please Contact us if you like what you see or stop by our newly remodeled show room.
Purple Fox Jacket with Black Fox Tuxedo
Sectional Silver Fox Jacket
Cherry Red Fox Jacket
Blue Fox Jacket
Men's Full Length "Long Haired" Beaver
Cherry Red Shearling Trench Coat
Black Persian Jacket



Sectional Ranch Mink Bolero
(L) Ranch Mink Stroller, (M) Blue Iris Mink Stroller, (R) Ranch Mink Sectional Stroller
Snow White Mink Jacket with Fox Hood
Sheared Mink Jacket with Silver Fox Collar and Cuffs
Black Fox Jacket with Shadow Fox Tuxado
Brown Shearling Reversible with Fox Trim
Navy Sheared Mink Jacket
Brown Cross Mink Jacket
Full Length Mahogany Mink Coat
Fischer Sectional Bomber Jacket with Brown Fox Collar
Men's Full Length Ranch Mink Coat
Sheared Brown Cross Mink 7/8 Coat with Sable Tuxedo
Canadian Lynx Stroller
Indigo Fox Jacket
Raccoon Bomber Jacket
Red Fox Jacket
Salmon Pink Dyed Fox Jacket